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Student photographing during photography class, Philadelphia

Doug’s Photography Tour of Historic Philadelphia

Doug received a gift certificate for one of my photography tours. After discussing the different options he scheduled  the tour on July 1 for the Historic District of Philadelphia.

Here are several of his photographs;

doug IMG_6804doug IMG_6843










doug IMG_6823

and comments about the tour:

“Thanks again for all you taught me.  For the first time in my life I feel like I’m making strides from being a “guy with a camera” to being an “amateur photographer.”

Thank you,


And his reviews of the tour on Yelp and Trip Advisor:

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Armond Scavo Photography

and on Trip Advisor

Armond Scavo Photography


If you to want to learn how to take better photographs like Doug did, check out the different Photography tours on my website and give me a call.

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