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I have been photographing since Christmas 1969. I have always sought out and photographed those experiences that bring harmony, grace and beauty into my life…read more

Photographs of Philadelphia

These photographs of Philadelphia’s parks burst forth with light and life, the city streets breath mystery and promise, beckoning the viewer towards further exploration….read more

Photography Tours of Philadelphia

During the many years of walking the streets photographing Philadelphia, and selling my fine art photography through art shows, I have talked to scores of people that were interested …read more



A place where you can purchase my fine art photography, books, posters,
note cards, photography classes and special gifts.
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Art Museum


These 11″x17″ posters are expertly digitally printed on high quality paper designed especially for this purpose. They are perfect for that accent piece, student’s dorm or child’s room. There are various themes to choose from including florals, Philadelphia scenes, sea and landscapes, as well as abstracts and architectural details. With such a variety to choose from I am sure you can find that perfect image for that thoughtful gift for those people who are special to you They are priced at an affordable $19.00 each. See More

Philly Skyline

Note Cards

These note cards are perfect for all occasions. They are printed on handsome natural color Cougar card stock with matching envelopes. There are various themes to choose from including Italy, florals, Philadelphia scenes, sea and landscapes, as well as abstracts and architectural details.These cards could be designed for any occasion: holiday greetings, special events, business announcements, or just to send a note.They are ideal for all occasions and make a thoughtful gift. See More.

Rittenhouse Square

Fine Art

Armond Scavo’s fine Art Photography reflects his unique vision throughout his wide range of subjects. He has always strived to experience grace, beauty, and harmony in his life. His photography is one way he immortalizes and shares these experiences. He instinctually is attracted to subjects that convey these qualities of grace, beauty, and harmony in his work, using composition, form and color to emphasize them. The camera allows him to edit out all distractions, so that he is left with the pure pleasure of the experience. See More.

Rittenhouse Square Book of Photographs

My Book

These sensitive portraits of Rittenhouse Square reflect the kinetic and optimistic aspects of Philadelphia’s soul. Armond Scavo’s photographs of this fine city’s parks burst forth with light and life, the city streets breath mystery and promise, beckoning the viewer towards further exploration. These images reflect an optimistic perspective of an artist who, finding no substance in negative depictions of his environment yearns for a more harmonious composition to express his fondness, attachment and pride for his City of Brotherly love and the birthplace of our nation. See More.


After many years of walking around Philadelphia with my camera, meeting people and talking about the city and how I approach it as a photographic subject, I am now offering Photography Tours of Philadelphia.

Join me in one of my many Photography Tours of Philadelphia. Whatever you favor; cityscapes, people or architecture you will find what you’re looking for during these tours.

There are many tour sites to choose from. Whether you choose the Historic area of Philadelphia or the Italian Market, See more

Armond Scavo's Gift Shop

Gift Shop

The Armond Scavo Photographyonline gift shop is the only gift shop of its kind. The many items offered through this online gift shop are skillfully imprinted with beautiful photographs of Philadelphia; it’s landmarks, Historic site, and places of interest, as well as a wide variety of other subjects. I will let you know when new products are added to the always-growing selection. Whether you like Historic Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square, Independence Hall, Longwood Gardens, or the Rocky statue you will find it in this unique collection.

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Thanks again for all you taught me. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m making strides from being a “guy with a camera” to being an “amateur photographer” I highly recommend Armond to anyone interested in taking more than common snapshots and plan to do it again myself.
Doug W. - student
Doug W.
Simply a great opportunity to get a Hands on photography lesson from a Philly local and expert artist. Armond is a great teacher and my husband and I left with lasting memories and great pics. A fabulous way to be a tourist in your own city or to explore Philly if you’re visiting while learning more about photography. No camera? No problem! I just used my Samsung camera and it was great to learn how to capture better composition. Try it out. Great time!
Jenna R.
Took both the Historic Philly and Rittenhouse Square tours on separate days. Both tours were fantastic. Armond showed up without a camera. This told me right off that these tours were going to be about me getting his undivided attention, good instruction and lots of opportunities for great shots. With his thorough knowledge of the city, he has a well planned route that provides loads of interesting subjects. He gave lots of good pointers on composition and how to take different views of subjects. Helped me become more aware of shapes and lines and how to use them. These tours gave me a good feel for the Historic area so I was able to return on my own and continue to shoot. Armond has a warm personality that sets a great tone, is an excellent photographer so he’s able to critique on the fly, and worked very hard to ensure I was getting the maximum enjoyment and learning from his tour. When we return for another conference in Philly, I’ll be seeing Armond again. Visited July 2015