Armond Scavo Photography

Photography Classes in Philadelphia

For the new Photographer gaining practical experience is everything. Even for someone who has been taking photographs for years there is always something new to be learned.

Whether it’s about composition, lenses, lighting, shutter speeds, film, or exposure photography artists are always looking for new tips and ways to improve their technique and style.

What better way to learn than in our wonderful historic and subject rich environment of Philadelphia. The city offers a variety of subjects and textures to photograph; people, historic and unique buildings, lively and colorful neighborhoods, not to mention the world famous Rocky statue, South Street, and of course the Liberty Bell just to name a few.

Both day and evening classes are available, all under the tutelage of noted Philadelphia Photographer and educator Armond Scavo.

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Armond Scavo with a student during a Photography Classes in Philadelphia
Armond Scavo noted Philadelphia Photographer

My goal during these Photography Classes of Philadelphia is to show students how to take better photographs. I first assess their skill level and objectives. Then, starting from that point, I share my knowledge of compositional elements, lighting, and camera operations to help them achieve their goals.

When someone takes my class they will be participating in an authentic city adventure and an exceptional opportunity to photograph, learn about, and experience the City of Brotherly Love from an insider’s point of view.

~Armond Scavo


  • Individual or group tours
  • Brief histories
  • You will be shown the basics of composition, the importance of light in photography, and how to take balanced and attractive images.
  • If your interest is in architecture, history or if you just like to shoot people on the street, all of those photographic subjects will be available to you. There are lots of Philadelphia icons along the tour routes and anyone interested in photography should be able to benefit from my tour.
  • Special transportation arrangements during the tour available upon
  • Restaurant and activities recommendations.
  • Date and time to be arranged to fit your schedule.
  • Groups limited to 12 students


  • Basic knowledge of one’s equipment
  • Tripod recommended
  • Spare batteries for your camera
  • Spare film or digital cards
    Good walking shoes
    Appropriate clothing