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You can visit and photograph all of the secret spots.
Photography Tours of Philadelphia are a great way to experience the city.
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Photography Tours of Philadelphia

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During the many years of walking the streets photographing Philadelphia, and selling my fine art photography through art shows, I have talked to scores of people that were interested in how I photographed the city in such a unique and expressive way. These conversations, combined with my love of Philadelphia and photography, inspired me to start Photography Tours of Philadelphia.

Everyone can take an exceptional photograph, regardless of training or equipment, and have a good time doing so. My goal through Photography Tours Of Philadelphia is to offer you interesting and iconic locations for you to do just that. Whether you choose Philadelphia’s Historic area or the Art Museum with the Rocky Statue and steps, you will have a unique, hands-on experience, with personalized instruction.

During the photography tour I will help you understand the elements of composition, your camera’s controls (f-stops, aperture, and shutter speeds), and how they influence and control the photograph. You will be able to take your camera off of auto and have more creative control over the image.

Whether you are visiting Philadelphia or live here, during this two and a half hour photography tour you will participate in an authentic city adventure and have an exceptional opportunity to experience and photograph the City of Brotherly Love with an insider’s point of view.


  • Basic knowledge of one’s equipment
  • Tripod recommended
  • spare batteries for your camera
  • Spare film or digital cards
  • Good walking shoes
  • Appropriate clothing
  • water.


  • Individual and group tours
  • Tours tailored to any skill level from the beginner to the advanced amateur.
  • A strong concentration on the principles of composition and camera operations to assist you in taking balanced and attractive photographs.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the exposure triangle (aperture, F-stop and ISO) and how it influences and controls the photograph.
  • Whatever your interests, during these tours there will be endless images waiting to be photographed.
  • Anyone interested in improving their photography skills will benefit from participating by taking one or more of these tours.
  • Flexible scheduling for private tours.
  • Brief histories of the areas.
Gift Certificates make a great gift. They can use it for any of our tours.