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Exploring The Possibilities of Exposure Bracketing #2

The Second photograph in my series “Exploring the Possibilities of Bracketing” Is titled The Crescent Moon. It is one of my older pieces but in the top five favorites of all my work. It was taken on an early Friday evening from the parking lot of a nightclub in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

I chose this location because it had an unobstructed view of the bay and sky. While I was looking through my camera at this stunning, calming sight, behind me I could hear the raucous music of garage band blaring from the nightclub. It is hard to explain the contrast of the calm I was looking at and the sounds coming out of the nightclub.

Again this is a photograph that I experimented with by over and underexposed by at least 5 stop both ways. I chose this one because of the calming pastel colors rendering it almost as a watercolor. Without bracketing I might not have seen the possibilities. With it I was able to create such a wonderful photograph as the Crescent Moon.

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