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Hot Sun, Brigantine New Jersey, photograph

Exploring The Possibilities of Exposure Bracketing

Hot Sun, Brigantine New Jersey, photographFor the next several weeks I will be posting a series of photographs on my facebook, twitter, linkedin and Instagram pages that was inspired by a recent purchase of one of the photographs in the series, The Hot Sun.

Being a fine art photographer I wanted to explore the effects of extreme bracketing. This series of photographs are the results of my explorations, To read an explanation of exposure bracketing go to:

I was interested in how bracketing would change the color, mood and “feel” of the image, and what options and surprises it would offer me. What you will be looking at are the results of me controlling the exposure bracketing to create these subtle, and/or dramatic interpretations of the subject in front of me. When I shot the first in the series; The Hot Sun, I took 9 different exposures. One was the camera’s correct meter reading. Then I overexposed and underexposed by 4 stops each way. With each photograph in the series I choose the one that expressed my artistic interpretation of the scene. I chose this version of The Hot Sun because of its intense color relationships, dramatic composition, and rendering of the sun.

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