You can visit and document all of the secret spots.

Photography Tours of Philadelphia are a great way to experience the city.

Tours fill up fast.

Photography Tours of Philadelphia

After many years of walking around Philadelphia with my camera, meeting people and talking about the city and how I approach it as a photographic subject, I am now offering Photography Tours of Philadelphia.

Join me in one of my many Photography Tours of Philadelphia. Whatever you favor; cityscapes, people or architecture you will find what you’re looking for during these tours.

There are many tour sites to choose from. Whether you choose the Historic area of Philadelphia or the Italian Market, you will have eye catching images to photograph.

I look forward to walking with you, talking about the many aspects of Philadelphia, and helping you  take better photographs with a strong concentration on composition, lighting, and camera operations.

During this two and a half hour tour you will participate in an authentic city adventure and an exceptional opportunity to experience and photograph the City of Brotherly Love from an insider’s point of view.


  • Basic knowledge of one’s equipment
  • Tripod recommended
  • spare batteries for your camera
  • Spare film or digital cards
  • Good walking shoes
  • Appropriate clothing
  • water.


  • Individual or group tours
  • Brief histories
  • If your interest is in subjects such as architecture, cityscapes and history, or if you just like to photograph people on the street, all of those photographic oppurtunities will be available to you. There are limitless Philadelphia icons and images waiting to be photographed along the tour routes. Anyone interested in improving their photography skills will  benefit from participating in one of my tours.
  • Special transportation arrangements during the tour available upon
  • You will be shown the basics of composition, the importance of light in photography, and how to take balanced and attractive images.
  • Restaurant and activities recommendations.
  • Date and time to be arranged to fit your schedule.
  • Groups limited to 12 students

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