Armond Scavo Photography


All the photographs in the Photographs of Philadelphia Galleries are available for sale as Posters,and Notecards

Since I was a child I have loved the ocean and have spent many summers “going down the shore”. As an artist I have photographed beaches and oceans in many places, but the “Jersey Shore”, especially Brigantine, is still my most beloved and inspirational area. I enjoy nothing more than photographing these beaches with their unique quality of light and color; the lay of the beaches; and the varied compositions of land, sea and sky.

My photographs, whether they be of Brigantine, or Cape May New Jersey, Point Reyes California, or Biddiford Pool Maine, reflect light and composition of unique tranquil beauty, reminding us why the oceans and beaches are vital to us all.

Also, I want to express my eternal love and gratitude to Joe and Helen Russo for being family and for making Brigantine, New Jersey, part of my life’s experiences. This series is dedicated to their memory.