Armond Scavo Photography


Depictions of the urban experience have undergone an undulating phenomenon in the 20th century. Modernists praised urban living and the cosmopolitan perspective metropolitan living afforded. In the post war years, the urban experience was cast in a tarnished and critical light, leaving many to view the quartz towers of our urban landscape with distrust and dissatisfaction.
However, in the dawning of the 21st century the cultural tide has turned yet again. There is a sense of new romanticism and vigor in urban living. The spirit of these times is succinctly illustrated in my cityscapes. These sensitive portrayals of the kinetic and optimistic aspects of the cities soul aptly reflect the rejuvenation that urban centers are experiencing in America and abroad.

The city of Philadelphia plays a leading character in this renaissance. These photographs of Philadelphia’s parks burst forth with light and life, the city streets breath mystery and promise, beckoning the viewer towards further exploration. These images reflect an optimistic perspective of an artist, who finding no substance in negative depictions of his environment, yearns for a more harmonious composition.