Armond Scavo Photography


All the photographs in the Photographs of Philadelphia Galleries are available for sale as Posters,and Notecards

Before going to Italy I browsed through many photographs of gondolas, bicycles in front of shops, still lifes of bread and wine, and other conventional scenes. I left with certain preconceptions of what I would photograph. But to my surprise what became my subjects were the small winding streets, the architecture, the textures and tones of the surfaces of the stonework, and the night.

I found the surfaces of the stonework compelling. These forms, colors, textures, and tones offered an opportunity to experiment with both color, and black and white abstract imagery.

Another subject that this body of work explores is the unforeseen sense of mystery I experienced while in Venice. Rather than the anticipated imagery of daily life, I was drawn to the enchantment of the late night and early morning atmosphere. The eerie, elegant play between light and shadow against form, coalescing with shape and texture, is the subject of these photographs. It is my attempt to convey with this series, this deep sense of Venetian mystery.