Imaginary Landscapes

All the photographs in the Earth Light Images Galleries are available for sale as Posters, Notecards and Fine Art matted and framed Photographs. For more information please feel free to contact me

My Imaginary Landscape series is comprised of large format photographs of jasper stones interpreted as painterly landscapes. These compositions vary in color, depth, intensity, texture, and transparency; effectively evoking the impression of cosmic nebula, coral reefs, arid forests, and mountain landscapes. Ranging from images resembling photographs from the Hubble telescope to images that give the impression of volcanically forged obsidian, the series is a unique synthesis of a microcosm depicting a macro-environment that is at once vibrant, intriguing, and mysterious.

One grouping, the Mountain Passes, is reminiscent of Oriental scroll paintings and illuminated manuscripts. The three works (Mountain Pass #1, 2 and 3), two vertical and one horizontal compositions, invoke the chroma values and fluid, arabesque arrangements of Persian books from the thirteenth century..

In contrast, another group of two works is explosively energetic. “The First Night of the World” and “Tree and Rainbow” are arrangements in vivid yellows, various shades of black and shocking pinks, suggesting at once glass fragments, mirrors and fiery cascades. Each composition radiates the energy created by the natural formations within each stone, again yielding the feel of an imaginary landscape.