Armond Scavo Photography

Historic Philadelphia

I am a native Philadelphian who grew up in an Italian South Philadelphia neighborhood. Over the years I have lived in various parts of the city; Center City, West Philadelphia, Germantown and Powellton Village. I appreciate and enjoy Philadelphia’s cultural offerings, architecture, and its beauty. But as many of us do when we are too familiar with a place, we take much for granted.
Because of my friendship Alice (yes the same Alice from Philadelphia: Through an Artist’s Eyes), I realized something about Philadelphia that I hardly ever thought about; that early American history and the history of Philadelphia are one and the same. Alice’s love of early American and Philadelphia history rubbed off on me.

Being able to walk around Philadelphia; through parks that William Penn designed; seeing private homes where the first leaders of our country lived; visiting buildings where the revolution was planned and the country founded; with eyes wide open with this awareness is of profound importance to me, and a deep source of artistic and personal inspiration.
I am in awe to be in a city that first allowed religious freedom and was the home of men the likes of Benjamin Franklin.

The photographs in this gallery are part of an ongoing collection of images of those locales that are of historical interest and national importance.