Armond Scavo Photography


All the photographs in the Photographs of Philadelphia Galleries are available for sale as Posters,and Notecards

A 1992 trip to Puerto Rico sparked my passion for bold, colorful architectural abstracts. Specifically, it was the colorful approach to architecture that resonated with my long-time interest in and inspiration by abstract painters Piet Mondrian, Paul Klee, Georgia O’keeffe, Arthur Dove and John Marin. The incorporation of their innovative abstract philosophies and techniques became possible for me on this and other trips to Latin countries, as well as to Bermuda.

The warmth and color inherent in the Latin culture is an obvious and compelling inspiration, which I appropriated in the form of color composition and a play on shapes. I have said that these experiences abroad “opened the closet doors” for me—indeed literally, to some extent, as many of the photographs in the series depict doors and windows, floating in a background of bold color and tangible texture.