The Bathers, Cape May , New Jersey



The Bathers, Cape May N.J.

This photograph was taken on a cool September mid-afternoon right after a sun shower. With a light mist still in the air I photographed the people on the beach from an elevated position on the music pier. The moisture in the air acted as a natural filter and the coolness of the day caused people to dress in clothing that mimicked old fashioned bathing suits, creating a nostalgic image. Even though all these elements came together to create the atmosphere; the strength of the image lies in the capturing the decisive moment.                             I took two exposures. They looked the same but the first one did not work. The second did because it captured all the beach goers when they were at their hieght of their movement, creating a perfect composition of movemnt and grouping of the people. I consider this photogrpah as one of my best.


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