Garden Of The Norman Castle, Erice’, Sicily

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The Garden of the Norman Castle is the third photograph in this series of my love for fog, mist, and muted atmospheres. Again, this photograph was taken on the same glorious morning as A Walk In The Clouds and A Place For Dreaming.

The location of this photograph is on the grounds of the castle that was built by the Normans, in Erice’, when they ruled Sicily in the 11th century. The castle is faintly visible in the background. Since then the grounds have been turned into gardens and parks for all to use, and for those photographers who have the extraordinary opportunity to photograph it as I did.

When I walked into this scene, even though at that moment the lamplights were not lit, I saw a great composition with an overwhelming sense of mystery. Even though I would have preferred the lamplights being lit, I was so strongly drawn to the atmosphere and milieu of the setting that I spent several moments absorbing its beauty, and then photographed it.

While I was getting ready to move on, I noticed that the clouds thickened and it got considerably darker. As if some higher power was watching over what would elevate, excite, and gratify my artistic soul, the lamplights miraculously turned on.

Again, another wish come true. I immediately regrouped and took what I think is a subtle yet remarkable Photograph. What I love about this photograph is how the lamplights, starting with the one in the upper left hand corner, carries your eye across and through the whole image until it gets you to the lower right hand side. Spoiler alert, unknown to me the lamplights were on automatic light sensors, when it gets dark enough the lights go on automatically.

What was magical is that I was there ready for my wish to come true.


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