Desert Storm



Desert Storm,

I was driving through the Painted Desert when I saw this dark cloud in the sky. Compositionally the Landscape was divided into thirds horizontally; with the sky being the top third, the open sky being the middle third and the ground being thee bottom third. The storm on the left was already there so I needed something on the right to divide the composition into thirds vertically. Lightening was the only answer. So I set up my tripod composed the image and corrected the settings. I waited almost 1.5 hours until the lightening struck exactly in the right spot. I had one chance, with one exposure to capture this unique image, and I got it.

But unknown to me and later pointed out by Dr. Forbes of the Weather Channel, The storm on the left was a micro-burst thunderstorm and the storm on the right was a gustnado next to the lightening. This is the only still that captured these storm events in the same front making the Desert Storm a unique weather photograph. The lightening was the bonus.

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