A Walk In the Clouds, Erice’ Sicily



We arrived in Erice’, which is a high mountain town on the very northwest tip of Sicily, on a beautiful sunny afternoon. That evening clouds started to roll in. I went out that evening to witness one of the most beautiful and mysterious nights of my life. What I realized is that Erice’ is so high that when the clouds roll in the whole town was literally engulfed by them. The next morning I went out before sunrise to photograph. While I was photographing I met the man in the photograph, A Walk in The Clouds. He was 93 and was born in Erice’. In our conversation he told me that his favorite time since he was a child was when the clouds would come and rest on the mountaintop. When our conversation was over and he walked on I turned my camera on the tripod and photographed him as he walked into the clouds; hence the title. The metaphor is that a 93-year-old man, taking his morning walk in the town that he loves, is walking upwards into the clouds. It was reminiscent of the Movie: Heaven Can Wait.

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