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My Imaginary Landscape series is comprised of large format photographs of jasper stones interpreted as painterly landscapes. These compositions vary in color, depth, intensity, texture, and transparency; effectively evoking the impression of cosmic nebula, coral reefs, arid forests, and mountain landscapes. Ranging from images resembling photographs from the Hubble telescope to images that give the impression of volcanically forged obsidian, the series is a unique synthesis of a microcosm depicting a macro-environment that is at once vibrant, intriguing, and mysterious.

One grouping, the Mountain Passes, is reminiscent of Oriental scroll paintings and illuminated manuscripts. The three works (Mountain Pass #1, 2 and 3), two vertical and one horizontal compositions, invoke the chroma values and fluid, arabesque arrangements of Persian books from the thirteenth century.

In contrast, another group of two works is explosively energetic. “The First Night of the World” and “Tree and Rainbow” are arrangements in vivid yellows, various shades of black and shocking pinks, suggesting at once glass fragments, mirrors and fiery cascades. Each composition radiates the energy created by the natural formations within each stone, again yielding the feel of an imaginary landscape.


Armond Scavo


Imaginary Landscape #1

Italian Honey Burl Wood Frame

Picture Frame
Flat Burl Picture Frame
The Photograph above is the first in the Series titled Imaginary Landscapes. The creation of Imaginary Landscape #1 was inspired during the first day of a Fine Arts and Crafts Festival. While looking at my neighbors jewelry display I saw this beautiful Blue Mountain Jasper Stone set in a silver pendant. To me it looked like an exotic landscape. That night, as well as the next, I dreamt of photographing landscapes. On the third day, after looking at the stone again I realized that it was the image of the stone that sparked the dreams. At that moment there was a potential customer looking at the stone. My heart fluttered until she decided to think about the purchase and walked away. I immediately went over and bought the necklace. I could not ignore the signs that were telling me that I needed to photograph this unique stone and create “Imaginary landscape #1”.

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 I met with Armond one rainy fall morning near Rittenhouse Square. While some might have seen the idea of conducting an outdoor photography class on a cold wet day as an obstacle, I knew that my time with Armond would be well spent.

I've known Armond and his work since the 80's, when I lived in Philadelphia and he and my parents were a part of the same circle of artists. Armond Scavo has been part of Philadelphia's art world for many years, and a resident for his entire life. Combine these elements and you get a photographer who is passionate about his craft and about sharing the charms of his city.

John Doe


Thanks again for all you taught me. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m making strides from being a “guy with a camera” to being an “amateur photographer” I highly recommend Armond to anyone interested in taking more than common snapshots and plan to do it again myself.

Doug W

Doug W. - student

Simply a great opportunity to get a Hands on photography lesson from a Philly local and expert artist. Armond is a great teacher and my husband and I left with lasting memories and great pics. A fabulous way to be a tourist in your own city or to explore Philly if you’re visiting while learning more about photography. No camera? No problem! I just used my Samsung camera and it was great to learn how to capture better composition. Try it out. Great time!

Jenna R

About Armond Scavo

I am a Philadelphia Photographer and was born in the Italian section of South Philadelphia in June of 1946. My family lived on the same block as, or around the corner from my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and close friends. Some neighbors on Tree street, the street where I grew up, were as close as family. For a child, the block was like a small Italian village.

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