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Hello Everyone,

While interacting with students during my Photography Classes and Walking Tours of Philadelphia I am asked a wide range of questions from camera settings to how to create star trails. This is the first installment of a series of posts that I hope will help you improve your photographic skills. I will be sharing information and skill sets that I teach during my photography tours of Philadelphia; and relevant tutorial videos to taking better photographs. Some of it will be repetitive to get the point across; other information may be new to you. But it will be useful to you either as a beginner or advanced photographer. I hope it helps you understand and improve your photographic skills and artistic vision.

Here are two tips I always mention during my photography  tours:

Protect your lens with Skylight or UV filters. Its cheaper to replace a scratched filter then a scratched lens. Another purpose of a Skylight or UV filter is to cut atmospheric haze by absorbing ultraviolet light. Since ultraviolet light can also reduce overall sharpness, absorbing UV rays will help sharpen your photos. Both Hoya and Tiffen filters are well regarded and affordable.

Treat yourself to a circular polarizing Filter. A circular polarizing filter is a photographic filter that is attached to a lens in order to cut down glare and reflections as well as darken a blue sky and enrich color saturation. You will be surprized how they can improve the quality of your photograph. They can be useful in any application where glare or reflections are a concern. Both B&H photo and Amazon sell both. Just check prices.

The two video tutorials below are rich with information to help you understand your camera controls. They explain the relationship between the aperture, f-stop and ISO and how they determine the quality of your photograph.

#1 Aperture and F Stop explained tutorial:


#2 Exposure Triangle tutorial: Shudder Speed, F-stop, and ISO:

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The next posting will be on bracketing, why and how to use it.

I hope your having fun with your camera.

Warm Regards,

Armond Scavo



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